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Selina Meyer » 3x03 “Alicia”

"If someone takes a shit in your car, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna drop your trou’ and take a crap through the sunroof? I don’t think so, buddy."

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cheetodores is so great he is bringing me taco bell

so now i need to go home but fuck i don’t want to walk

i am so drunk and stoned and hungry but also so happy

I wanna ask if anyone wants to get food but i don’t think anyone is awake

so maybe just home?

also tonight i learned i suck at making paper cranes

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Sam & Jack screen cap fic: No! Not that one!

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The Orion Nebula

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you’ll always have a soft spot for the first female actress to make you question your sexuality

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“I can certainly relate to what it feels like to be working on a new job and having someone living inside of you.” Poehler

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